Goldberry Yellow Labrador Retriever

Goldberry Hunting Labs

When I look at the current state of field Labs, I see many unresolved issues. The largest concern is soundness. The number one problem is poor knee angulation creating anterior cruciate ligament weakness. Our answer is to make sure all hunting stock is bred to at least 50% conformation lines plus using old field stock with few field champions in the pedigrees. Our success is even surprising to us with limited ACL problems and calm, close hunting, superior field dogs.

Goldberry's Autumn at 10 months old.
Top Gun Flusher MN State Pheasant Championship Trained by Team Bauer Hunting Sired by INT CH Goldberrys Mythical Wizard
Goldberry's Trooper airborn.
Goldberry's Annie breaking ice.

Can conformation dogs hunt? You bet they can! We have had breedings produce both hunt test and show champions from the same litter. A Goldberry show champion sired the Wisconsin Gun Dog Puppy Of The Year 2004. A superior upland dog you can live with. A concept being embraced by hunters and their families.

Goldberry's Lily
Goldberry's Josie JH
Goldberry's Gage Visiting the Dakotas
Dragon Son waiting his turn at a Hunt Test
Goldberry dogs have proven to be good shed dogs