Goldberry French Bulldogs

Our French Bulldog breeding program will be just like our Labrador program with a select number of quality bitches and checking all proper clearances with a goal of French Bulldog Champions that have great temperament and are sound. We do know several good Frenchie breeders if you need referrals. Frenchie non refundable deposits are $800 dollars. Frenchies are only picked up at our residence, no flying in cargo.

Am Can CH Kae-Rae Lulu at Goldberry
Goldberrys Jojo OFA good
Lulu and Lola in bay window

GCH Goldberrys Romeo X Goldberrys Coco
Goldberrys Flying Ace. CH Mt Vista's Making Moonshine at PJ'S X GCH Goldberrys It's All About Me

Goldberrys Lily her second 5 point major OFA good elbows clean
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Grand Am CH Goldberrys Romeo

We are charter members of the Great Lakes French Bulldog Club and are in good standing with the American Kennel Club. While I feel Labrador Retrievers purchasers are well educated, I feel French Bulldog purchasers need help. According to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, the incidence of hip issues in French Bulldogs is over DOUBLE that of Labrador Retrievers.

This isn't an issue for educated purchasers who require proper clearances on the sire and dam for any puppies they are considering purchasing. This can be difficult since so few French Bulldogs breeders actually believe in clearances. This isn't going to change unless you insist on clearances for parents of puppies you consider. The alternatives are too expensive monetarily and emotionally.

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Buying A French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are difficult to breed, litter size is small an average of three, deliveries are c-section, all breedings are Artificial Insemination, stud fees are expensive and there are many clearances needed if you are going to do it right. So you wonder how puppy mills make any money using French Bulldogs. The technique is called bait and switch they use Eastern European Frenchies for their breeding or they directly import, this type of Frenchie is much larger commonly running over 40 pounds they also are known for large litters. The pictures you see are often stolen( a kennel from the southeast was caught using a Minnesota kennels pictures in the summer of 2011) showing American average Frenchies which average about 22 pounds and having American dogs on site but they are actually selling Eastern European. These kennels prey on impatience and charge anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 for a pup. It is my opinion the Eastern European dogs look nothing like the American type you see in commercials and movies they are leggy and huge. These breeders don’t show these dogs because the American standard calls for a maximum weight of 28 pounds and they don’t waste money on clearances. I believe French Bulldogs is the most difficult dog to get quality without doing your homework. The best way to avoid puppy mills is to buy AKC registered dogs from an AKC Breeder of Merit who has jumped through many hoops to get that designation.

Requesting A Color For Your French Bulldog

Considering the math requesting a specific color doesn’t make a lot of sense. The average French Bulldog litter is 3 and the number of colors is about 20 so unless you want a common color like solid fawn(recessive) or brindle (dominate) you are going to be disappointed. I know a breeder who is on everyone’s list for a black mask red(registered as a fawn) for 5 years and is still waiting has far as I know. Many colors are not even recognized by the American Kennel Club such as solid black, brown, lavender, chocolate, liver, blue, black and tan and blue brindle. Breeders who advertise rare not recognized colors should be avoided because in order to breed rare colors you have to give up something and that usually involves health or temperament deficiencies. Also the French Bulldog Club of America considers anyone who breeds out of standard colors for monetary gain to be an unethical breeder.

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Dunedin Cha Cha at Goldberry

Grand AM Can CH Goldberry's Cooper Parian. Professional Dog Model
Am Grand CH Goldberry's It's All About Me. Four majors in seven shows

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Am Can CH Kae - Rae Lulu at Goldberry
Grand Am CH Goldberry's Lap Of Luxury

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Grand Am CH Goldberrys Lap of Luxury. Finishing in style with a 5 point major.

Adele 1st in Show
Goldberrys Maggie

Goldberrys Gigi
Goldberrys Lilly
Gigi In Italy. Kids love Frenchies everywhere